Ejemplos en Javascript

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<TITLE>Ejemplos Javascript: ejemplo pr???¡ctico </TITLE>

   <script language=JavaScript>
<!--I don't need credit, but would like to see your page in action
// send an email to jdk@kvnet.org  or if you would rather not show
// your email address, send a confidential message at
// http://thor.prohosting.com/~josiah/  thanks,now for the help:
// this script will work as is, but to use more than one on a page you will need to change
// the letter x everywhere in the document for every new line you use this script with. Change
// it to any letter you want,it won't matter as long as all 8 are the same
// And you can edit out this plus the 7 lines above and 1 below, if you want.
function jdk1x() {
      var num1 = document.x.jdk.value;
      if(num1 == 'three') {
        document.x.jdk.value = document.x.jdk.value
      else {
        document.x.jdk.value = "Sta arrivando"


<BODY bgcolor="white">


  <form name=x>
   <font color="blue"><b><i>Visita este enlace</i></b></font><input type=button value="Mis Algoritmos" onClick="jdk1x()"><br>
    <input  type=text name=jdk width="300" onChange="document.x.jdk.value=''; return true">