Ejemplos en Javascript

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<TITLE>Ejemplos Javascript: ejemplo pr???¡ctico </TITLE>


<BODY bgcolor="white" onunload="byebyewin()">


<!----- Script copyright ????©  1997  S.Chris Brown (Spikeman)   http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/3843-->
**       S.Christopher Brown's (Spikeman)'s            **
**            java script bye bye window               **
**    copyright ????© 1997 S.Chris Brown (Spikeman)        **
**                spikeman@myself.com                  **
**   http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/3843       **
**               All Rights Reserved                   **
**  You can freely use this script, if this credit is  **
**     included in the source. This Script is for      **
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**   The public domain and no fees can be charged in   **
**     conjunction with distribution or use.           **
**                  Thank you                          **
// This JavaScript code Originally by S.Chris Brown  (Spikeman) 1997 ( http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/3843 )    
// in the document.writeln you can write anything i happen to put image banners
// for my site in the script but you can change that to read anything.
// this goodbye window was made so when someone was leaving your site it would
// give you a "popup window" saying bye . with the setTimeout it will time
// out and close the window. i have it set to 20000 BUT you can change that
// i set it that high so the images would have time to load.
// make sure it is on UNLOAD so when it is leaving your page it will turn on
// and not before ... IF you are going to be adding some document.writeln 's
// make sure it sayz windowLeaving.document.writeln so it knows its to the
// window leaving and not the main window.
function byebyewin(){
windowLeaving.document.writeln("<head><title>Goodbye!</title></head><body bgcolor='black' text=white>");
windowLeaving.document.writeln("<h2><center>Hasta pronto</h2> ");
windowLeaving.document.writeln("<h4>Vuelve a visitarnos</h4> ");
windowLeaving.document.writeln('<h3><center>y bla bla bla bla bla </center></h3> ');
//----------End Of Spikeman Bye bye Window----->